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Steps in the EGAPP Working Group Review Process 

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Step 1: Select Test Topic

Summary: Process for identifying, prioritizing, and selecting tests and specific clinical scenarios for systematic review.

Who is involved:
  EGAPP Working Group (EWG) Topics Subcommittee, full EWG, CDC-based EGAPP staff, EGAPP Stakeholders Group,
and interested public. See process diagram below for details.

EGAPP welcomes suggestions on potential topics for review. Those submitting suggestions are
encouraged to include information on the disorder, the specific test(s), and the specific clinical
scenario(s) in which the test will be used
. EGAPP Working Group members make final topic selections. 


  • List of topics
  • Key questions and analytic framework for evidence reviews


Topic Selection Process


chart 2

>> See Step 2: Commission and Conduct Evidence Review


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