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Steps in the EGAPP Working Group Review Process 

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Step 4: Disseminate EGAPP Products & Communicate Informational Messages to Stakeholders


Summary: EGAPP initiative products are disseminated to stakeholders through publications, web sites, and presentations. 


Who is involved: CDC-based EGAPP staff, EGAPP Stakeholders Group (ESG), EGAPP Working Group (EWG).


Transparency: Stakeholder peer review, CDC clearance.


Dissemination Processes for EGAPP Products and Informational Messages


Primary EGAPP products
Secondary EGAPP products

Commissioned evidence reports

  • Posted on EWG website or Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality website

EWG Recommendation Statements

  • Published in peer-reviewed journal
    • Free web access to article
    • Journal may issue press release

EWG website (

  • Open access



Announcements of EGAPP initiative primary products and other updates (CDC-based EGAPP staff)

  • Posted on the website of the CDC Office of Public Health Genomics (OPHG), which supports the EGAPP initiative.  
  • Posted on the EWG website
  • Distributed by e-mail across CDC and to EGAPP stakeholder list (approximately 400 genetic testing stakeholder organizations and individuals)

EGAPP informational messages incorporated into translational materials for providers and consumers
(CDC-based EGAPP staff, ESG)

CDC Press Statements related to EGAPP
(CDC-based EGAPP staff and CDC press office)

  • Posted on CDC web pages for Media

EGAPP initiative web pages on CDC website
(CDC-based EGAPP staff)

  • Posted on CDC OPHG web pages

EGAPP initiative posters and presentations



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