3 cuscaden

The launch of 3 Cuscaden in District 10

Singapore – Regardless if you’re searching for a prime property to invest in or purchasing it for your family, we’ve got you covered here. The recently launched 3 Cuscaden condo along Cuscaden Walk has only a limited number of units to pick from. The condo is sophisticatedly elegant and spectacular, designed by using contemporary architectural ideas. It is not readily available for physical viewing of the apartments but a beautiful setup of the show gallery.

How to view the property?

They have made arrangements that are easy and convenient for you. If you are located far away from Orchard Road, you can simply search online for 3 Cuscaden where you will be able to access all critical information about the property.

If this new development is not what you are searching for, we’d save you a long trip but if it is exactly what you’re looking for in the prime district, you can easily register your interest online and arrange for a viewing appointment. The official marketing agents will be glad to walk you through the sales gallery and let you decide if it suits your requirement and needs before a booking commitment happens.

Unique features of the condo

This freehold condo has an exquisite design that will capture even the eye of individuals in search of landed properties. The condo units are not exactly tiny from the outlook of the façade and the spacious rooms ensure that the residents will get to enjoy their personal space.

The units are fully furnished with modern fittings to give them a refined and posh look. The kitchens are well-equipped and available in both wet and dry option. The main advantage of owning one of these unit is the location; the world will be so different just across the road where you’ll be ahead of others to ION Orchard Shopping Mall and Orchard MRT Station. Does this sound cool and excite you enough?

One thing that distinguishes 3 Cuscaden condo from the other properties in the neighbouring region is their security. It is crucial to find a place that guarantees the safety of you and your family and Singapore provides that. The condos here provide a serene and safe environment that allows the residents to peacefully relax as they unwind from a busy day. It will be a gated community with security personnel at the entrance and exit point 24 hours a day all year long.

Moving into a new home or neighbourhood can be challenging but what is even more challenging is not having the peace of mind. If you think you want it, hop on now!

All you need to know of the new Mayfair Gardens

Singapore – It is not easy finding a perfect apartment nowadays. There are lots of real estate options in the market currently, but not many are aware of them all. As such, we will be highlighting a new project in the Upper Bukit Timah area today. The latest residential development over here is the Mayfair Gardens, and yes, they are the former Mayfair Gardens that you and i know too. They are merely using the same name after the major transformation.

mayfair gardens at rifle range road

On top of that, they will be incorporating another name as Mayfair Modern on the divided plot of land that they occupy as a whole. Nevertheless, these condos will be rebuilt on a great location with easy access to the public transportation. It is a large private housing site with good orientation, the unit facing will be well-organized as well as the interior layout.

Future residents will benefit from a freshly renewed tenure and the great building quality of their new homes. Here are some facts on this new project that each potential home seekers should now.

The said development along Rifle Range Road will be financed, rebuilt and owned by the Citrine Property – Oxley Holdings. A homegrown local developer specialised in residential projects, collective housing, commercial buildings including hotels and industrial projects. They have successfully completed projects in many countries such as Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Myanmar, Australia, Cambodia, Ireland, UK and Cyprus since inception.

This award-winning firm has built many fully-sold homes in Singapore too! And we believe Mayfair Gardens will not be the exception. Located right in the beginning of Rifle Range Road of Upper Bukit Timah precinct, this residential development has all it takes to become the most desirable place to live in this part of Singapore. The property is only 15-minutes’ drive away from the heart of the city.

Technical specifications of the property

The Mayfair Gardens complex (including the property garden and common area) covers 208, 475 square feet site area. There are two plots with 386 residential units. Plot ratio equals to 1.4 and the maximum floor area equals 290,000 sq ft. Due to the gross plot ratio, the overall residential units and resident’s density will be rather low.

Issues pertaining to any crowded common areas and hogging of facilities are thus not expected as compared to other larger communities elsewhere. All the ancillary facilities within the estate were dimensioned in accordance with the estimated number of occupiers, in accordance with the URA residential planning guidelines.

Therefore, these new Mayfair Gardens by Oxley will certainly attract home buyers of sophisticated taste who value a truly noble lifestyle on precious location with exceptional design. The launch of this project will begin in September 2018, interested buyers have since begun registering their interest for this upcoming event. Visit their official site for more info if you’re keen!

In-depth Understanding of Stirling Residences

Singapore – Queenstown Estate is famous for its sizable land plots that are prepared for residential projects. By end of 2017, a huge land plot was won for a stunning bid worth 1 billion Singapore Dollars. The occasion happened as part of a Government Land Sales. This sizable plot is located at Stirling Road and it is set to become “Stirling Residences”. A luxury condo project developed by the Longan Property and Nanshan Group. The Stirling Road GLS Land parcel was won by this duo with joint effort. The tender carries a 99-year leasehold and it is a little more than a billion Singapore Dollars for this 21,100 square meter site.

stirling residences

About Stirling Residences

It is widely believed that the new condo will be stylish in its own way as it features many interesting attractions. This high-rise project will justify its price and brand value. According to Urban Redevelopment Authority data, Stirling Residences could probably be a viable platform for young investors, new couples and mature families. The project has everything you need to lead a happy and a comfortable life. Whether you are looking for connectivity, amenities or education – Queenstown locale has it all.

Amenities around Stirling Residences

Stirling Residences is within a lively environment. It is surrounded by many entertainment and shopping options. A quick drive will take you to Queensway Shopping Center, IKEA Alexandra and Anchorpoint. The budding Alexandra Central is located 1 km away from your home too. These are interesting shopping and entertainment destinations for all future residents!

Moving on, if you are wondering where the good & scrumptious food is, look no further! Stirling Residences is located near to many food establishments and wet markets. Your hunt for fresh culinary ingredients stops here. Important venues for great comforting food around this residential development would be the Commonwealth Avenue Block 40 Food Center, Mei Chin Road, Tanglin Halt Street, the Crescent Market at Commonwealth, Redhill Lane market and the Bukit Merah Food Center.

Commercial Destinations near Stirling Residences

Commercial destinations around this condo project can be categorized into five distinct types. Category A features a massive supermarket, 19-shopping centers, educational clusters and an RC center. Category B features an eating home, three shops and a minimart. Category C features a minimart, a café and two shops. Category D features a minimart and a café. Finally, Category E features childcare facilities, a minimart and a café with two shops. The number of commercial facilities in and around Stirling road is likely to increase in the coming years.

Lifelong Learning near your Home

The talk about Stirling Residences will be incomplete without its advanced educational neighborhood. There are many local primary and secondary schools near the condo. This includes major schools like Gan Eng Seng Primary school and the famous Queenstown Primary School. The list doesn’t stop here and its non-exhaustive. You have a dozen educational institutions to choose from for your schoolkids!

The ideal condo available at Margaret Ville

Singapore – The government of the city state has allowed the developers of the Margaret Ville condo to construct recreational facilities such as “Green Routes” used for running and cycling, community parks, the Holland Village Lifestyle destination, Metropolis commercial building for offices, headquarters for Mediacorp and Lucasfilm’s Sandcrawler. The developments have just begun and most of them are in their initial development stages.

Developers of Margaret Ville

There were many developers competing to acquire the site where the new Margaret drive condo is being developed during the open public tender process. Towards the end of 2016, the highest winning bidder was awarded with the land site. The area is situated along Margaret Drive which lies within the vicinity of the Queenstown planning area. MCL land was the highest bidder, winning this 99-year leasehold site and having the full rights of developing the vacant land.

It is no secret why 14 huge companies antagonistically vied for this piece of land as there are several strategic reasons that make the land a rare and prime property going forward. When it is fully developed as a residential area, Margaret Ville would have a strategic position that will enable the residents to easily and conveniently access the nearby diverse hospitality vents. The infrastructure is well developed and the amenities are unbelievably exceptional.

MCL land has been in the real estate development industry for more than five decades which has earned them their irrefutable reputation and excellent track records. Their operations are not only confined within the borders of Singapore but have also extended to Malaysia. They are mainly involved in the development of residential areas but every now and then, they will also try to engage in commercial projects which will add diversity to their beautiful portfolio. Besides the Margaret Ville they also own the prestigious J Gateway in Jurong Gateway Central, a commercial business hub of Jurong Lake District in Singapore among others.


Margaret Ville can be accessed by driving along the Commonwealth Avenue and turning into the Margaret Drive. The entire commonwealth region is positioned within the western direction when you are in the heart of Singapore. The neighbourhood is home to several luxurious residential properties that was recently developed and launched in the market.

The other developments such as Commonwealth Towers and Queens Peak will no longer be the most luxurious residential property in the area as the new swanky Margaret Ville is coming onboard soon. The vicinity surrounding the two residential projects is endowed with a myriad of amenities such as shopping malls, health facilities, learning institutions, hospitality joints, mosques, churches and many other recreational facilities. The infrastructure in the area is also well developed which makes it easy to travel from one place to the other.

Singapore Buyer’s Stamp Duty May Elevate the Prices of New Condo Development in 45 Amber Road

Due to the recent outline for a rate hike of the Buyer’s Stamp Duty, this may however affect developer’s prices for new condo developments in the future. The developer pays a significant premium to develop on residential sites as the need for newer developed condo property rises but; Are these premiums in need of a hike in higher price rate? Should developers pay more for new condo projects that are underway and coming in the near future?

While it’s certain due to the condo real-estate market, the hikes are inevitably going to take place in order to keep the economy stable. However, it’s not much clarity as to why developers should pay more in premium property prices. For developers of newly developed condo buildings like the Amber 45 condo building located at 45 Amber Road, this means it will force a slight increase in site purchases for future condo building sites. As uncertain as it is, it may even elevate the buying price of new condo units.

Friction in transactions for Singapore condos

The buyer’s stamp duty will certainly cause some friction in transaction volumes throughout the Singapore real-estate market. With potential buyers proving that they are not really ready for the prospect of elevated realty prices, these price hikes are inevitable, especially, if developers have to pay more premium prices for their new developments. With friction inevitability, a clarifying glimpse of the market for Singapore condos may show why buyer are still sensitive to the initial price hike of private condo property.

With the new development condo property market in the earliest stages of recovery from its past 15 quarter decline, the optimism of potential buyers is still growing after the optimism decline for the real-estate market. Although Singapore real-estate prices are considered higher than average property prices, these prices are still within affordable range compared to other areas with luxury real-estate. As the market buyer’s stamp duty rises the sales momentum may take a few years or more before it strengthens the real estate market for new condo developments.

How to keep the friction down for Amber 45 Condo

It’s simple to give all the right methods and strategies for keeping friction down for Amber 45 condo. One method and/or strategy would be to leave the buyer’s duty stamp right where it is and not even think of a hike, until there is more clarity of why the rate hike should be made. The friction will most likely slow the market growth, even though it’s on an upturn. Potential buyers will move slower to purchase newly developed condo properties, due to the buyer’s stamp price.

Why will people be slower to purchase newly developed condo property? Simple to answer, they will have to pay higher prices for their condo units as their BSD rises and higher because developers BSD rises. To avoid this, keep the BSD at the same rate for maybe 3 more year’s time, when it will be easy to understand why it should be risen. Keeping potential buyer active now instead of slowing them down will help to get the real-estate market to grow faster before the 3 years expect market growth strength time is up.

Questions to Ask Property Agent or URA before buying Park Colonial Condo

If you are opting to purchase Park Colonial Condo, there are some questions that you will want to ask your local property agent or the URA. The URA is the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore. Taking charge of your residential condo premises which plays many crucial roles in the way the condo building is being operated. Buying a residential property will certainly come with some important Q&A that will make it easier for you to understand before moving into Park Colonial Condo along Upper Serangoon road at Woodleigh lane.

We will make the journey of acquiring the property a smooth process for you and your loved ones when you have finally decided to settle down in Woodleigh Lane by purchasing Park Colonial Condo. It will be one of the wisest choice in buying this new residential project as you will be a part of the growth in this new town. A second Bishan in the making will certainly be enough to salivate over when HDBs there crosses the million dollar mark in recent years.

Who is URA?

The URA, also known as the Urban Redevelopment Authority, is a board of directors, whom were elected to run or oversees the project admin in its entirety. Areas that the URA focuses on are the financial management of the project, business affairs dealing with the development, the enforcement of rules for the properties, common assets of the entire property and/or areas of the properties. Most of all the URA sees to the overall maintenance and upkeep of the building interior and exterior. The MCST aptly provides the essential elements to protect property values, structure the community within and provide a great place to live in for the owners of residential units.

Questions to ask a property agent about URA:

How accessible and active is the URA?

Many a times, when you’re trying to contact someone from URA, it could prove to be difficult and there are many reasons to this. Probably you want to ask your agent just how accessible they are to the public. If you’re trying to get important documentation before you move into the condo or even if you’re already living in it, you’ll want easy access to the URA for getting the important issues done in a timely manner. The URA holds crucial datas and documentation, most of them are important missing puzzles to questions that you’ll have.

Before you move into a condo development, it’s best to request as many documents as you can, that you’ll need from the URA. Your agent will be able to get the documents from them but most likely after the offer is accepted. The documents of importance that you’ll need includes CC&Rs and by-laws of the building, also the annual budget, special assessments, reserve studies and URA board minutes are some important documents for you to acquire. These documents will also allow you to know how active your URA is and how often they work to keep your building in tip top condition.

What are the URA fees and what they cover?

If you live in a private property in Woodleigh such as Park Colonial Condo, you’ll certainly have to pay certain fees. Maintenance fees are similar but differ in each different condo as they may offer more or lesser amenities. However, it will surely cover most area especially the exterior building maintenance, garbage, water, sewer, undergrounds, pool, community centre, security and much more that the building has to offer the residents. A lot of home buyers who bought other developments were shocked because they are unaware of the fees required that comes along with buying a condo apartment. You should always know what fees to expect, and what they cover from them so that you won’t have the shock of your life after committing the purchase of your new condo.

Still Unsure?

If you’re still in a dilemma on what to expect, please do not hesitate in contacting us here and we’ll assist you further on your purchasing of Park Colonial journey.

amber gardens

The Opus by City Developments

The Opus by City Developments

The Opus by CDL would be the newest condo sitting along Amber Gardens and Amber Road, a masterpiece development representing the veteran developer in the industry. The former Amber Park has been sold through a collective sale process and was awarded to City Developments Limited at a whopping $906.7 million after beating the rest of the major real estate players.

The Opus by CDL will be the rebirth of Amber Park, they were even the original builder of the former condo and have regained the ultimate rights to redevelop it all over again after securing the entire development via an en-bloc sale recently.

The whole project will be masterminded by the experience team and will be built accordingly to the fantastic size of approximately 214,000 square feet land.

The actual details of The Opus have been withheld due to the impending approval rights, thus no concrete price guide and floor plans were available to the public as of publishing date and time.

The only thing we are sure and certain of is, the location in Katong. A historically rich in culture destination that meets eye to eye of the current modern era we’re in.

A Freehold Gem in the East

It is located at an area where it is hugely desired and in demand from both sides of the camp. Locals from Singapore will be attracted by the vast amenities which can be found only in the eastern shore while the foreign communities will be pulled by the close-proximity to both East Coast Park and our World Class Changi Airport (among many others).

The location of The Opus condo will also be unmatched and almost unbeatable when the upcoming Tanjong Katong underground station is almost doorstep away for resident’s convenience. It is only a few stations away from the central prime district area, greatly reducing the time required to travel for work, resulting in more spare time for your family and friends after a long day at work.

Not only is it scoring so highly on the transport network aspect, it is also conveniently sitting across our East Coast Park, where the sea meets the beach and the park. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a quiet moment down the sandy beaches with your loved ones after a romantic dinner night out? There will also be other ground activities including water sports if you’re adventurous enough with your partner or allowing your children to have a go at it.

The Opus

If you’ve been wanting to have a freehold status home of your own where you’ll be able to have a view of the sea every morning, you are at the right place and at the right time now. Most of the units within the iconic condo will have it. Get in touch with them and find out more for yourself now!

8 saint thomas

8 Saint Thomas Condo by Sembawang Estates


8 Saint Thomas is a freehold residential development which was awarded to Bukit Sembawang Estates Limited. An investment operating firm focusing on real estate development since 1950. Some of their famous property portfolio work are recognized across Singapore.

Their newest playground, situated at 8 Saint Thomas Walk Singapore is along River Valley Road and one of the most coveted address locally due to its proximity to Orchard road. This is certainly a great asset whose worth is usually expected to increase over the next few years.

The existing site came from 2 plots of land separately, previously known as the Chez Bright Apartment and Airview Towers. They are in close-proximity to the Great World City via River Valley Road and only a few moments stroll away from 313@Somerset.

It offers residents the ease of access to the public transport network and is a location highly favoured by both locals and foreigners alike while seeking for an investment property around the immediate vicinity. Its close-proximity to nearby entertainment such as bars along the Singapore river and the Orchard Central Mall makes it extremely attractive. The community residing around this area are usually high flyers in the society and Orchard shopping belt presents the first-class experience with high-end boutiques and luxurious stores all over the surrounding area.

The builder will be collaborating with an award-winning architecture firm for this 8 Saint Thomas development by featuring 219 units of dwelling across 2 tower blocks, and layouts from one to four-bedroom option for you to choose from.

The 2 modern and luxurious towers will be 35 and 36-storey tall due to the difference in plot ratio. There will be two different direction from both river valley and Killiney area respectively and all home purchasers will have an abundant of choices to choose from according to their preference.

The official builder and architect have thrown in a lot of facilities into the condo during the brainstorming session and luxurious smart amenities within the condo includes almost Olympic size swimming pool, world class gymnastics equipment, kids play area, tennis court, basketball court, bowling alley and 24-hour professional concierge at the beck of your call. It is a super dream home for many people with their families and loved ones.

On top of that, Sembawang Estates has been a reputable builder for many years of track records on their quality home, so buyers will be more assured of during the unit selection moment. If you have been to this location, the score on the convenience and connectivity will be able to justify the price tag against the value of the home in this development.

8 Saint Thomas Condo will reach completion very soon and will be fully operational with smart technology attached to this unbelievable property.

So please, if you are really keen to purchase one or many condo units for long term investment from this new project, you will have to move your hand and leg fast enough to achieve it.