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The Opus by City Developments

The Opus by City Developments

The Opus by CDL would be the newest condo sitting along Amber Gardens and Amber Road, a masterpiece development representing the veteran developer in the industry. The former Amber Park has been sold through a collective sale process and was awarded to City Developments Limited at a whopping $906.7 million after beating the rest of the major real estate players.

The Opus by CDL will be the rebirth of Amber Park, they were even the original builder of the former condo and have regained the ultimate rights to redevelop it all over again after securing the entire development via an en-bloc sale recently.

The whole project will be masterminded by the experience team and will be built accordingly to the fantastic size of approximately 214,000 square feet land.

The actual details of The Opus have been withheld due to the impending approval rights, thus no concrete price guide and floor plans were available to the public as of publishing date and time.

The only thing we are sure and certain of is, the location in Katong. A historically rich in culture destination that meets eye to eye of the current modern era we’re in.

A Freehold Gem in the East

It is located at an area where it is hugely desired and in demand from both sides of the camp. Locals from Singapore will be attracted by the vast amenities which can be found only in the eastern shore while the foreign communities will be pulled by the close-proximity to both East Coast Park and our World Class Changi Airport (among many others).

The location of The Opus condo will also be unmatched and almost unbeatable when the upcoming Tanjong Katong underground station is almost doorstep away for resident’s convenience. It is only a few stations away from the central prime district area, greatly reducing the time required to travel for work, resulting in more spare time for your family and friends after a long day at work.

Not only is it scoring so highly on the transport network aspect, it is also conveniently sitting across our East Coast Park, where the sea meets the beach and the park. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a quiet moment down the sandy beaches with your loved ones after a romantic dinner night out? There will also be other ground activities including water sports if you’re adventurous enough with your partner or allowing your children to have a go at it.

The Opus

If you’ve been wanting to have a freehold status home of your own where you’ll be able to have a view of the sea every morning, you are at the right place and at the right time now. Most of the units within the iconic condo will have it. Get in touch with them and find out more for yourself now!