real estate singapore crowns with haus on handy

The Real Estate Market Empire: Singapore Crowns with Haus on Handy

Prep yourself with the Real estate knowledge: It is meant for the professionals in buying, selling and renting any property consisting of landbanks or building structures along with its resources such as fittings and fixtures. The basic legal framework of the real estate business was originated from the great England and soon after, it spreads around the whole world.

Real estate consolidation is an emerging business for many developing countries. The best part of this is that it helps our overall economic environment grow in tandem across the globe. The real estate developers tend to develop areas where their respective government has not enough resources to develop. Based on this, the chain of real estate related businesses provides jobs and opportunities to many businessmen to expand in various markets such as Singapore. We have however listed down 5 characteristics that define or determine the future in moving forward.


1.         Sales and marketing


Private property will always be considered as a prized asset. There is an emerging trend of purchasing and developing of smart properties. To do so, there are some big firms jumping into the market by adding more value to the properties. Governments are leasing properties to the business owners in order to develop them and make more money out of it. There is a piece of land along the Handy road that was sold to City Developments Limited in Singapore recently and the project was named Haus on Handy by CDL.


2.         Development


The real estate conglomerate will develop the area where they penetrate. They tend to improve the living lifestyles drastically by developing in the prime area to add more value. Since the competition in the market is running high, companies are extending their services such as adding more and more alternative road paths, making new route options to ease the possible congestion for residents. This will eventually lighten the burden on the government’s ability to develop the public amenities. URA sold the land in Jan 2018 to City Developments Limited so that they can assist to develop the neighborhood. It was named in such a way that it means there will be some new housing along the Handy road with haus on handy.


3.         Lease


More businesses are jumping into the local market to fetch more and more profits. Due to heavy competition in the market, they have to add practical values to attract savvy customers. Many businesses are offering buyers to purchase properties on lease. This gives an opportunity for builders to build more assets. It helps in decreasing the number of homeless people in the society making the public more stable and harmonious. Haus on Handy currently offers an almost 99 years lease to the new owners.


4.         New prospects


The real estate markets are always in search of new prospects. They are always looking for new parcels of land to develop. To clear stock, they will market to attract overseas customers around the region and to do so, they have to acquire more land in sub-urban areas that lead to the development of the city. According to some rough estimates, Singapore is currently known for their real estate business, the second most pricey housing market in the world.


5.         Economy


The real estate businesses boost the economy by introducing more developments. People get an opportunity to invest more and more citizens will have greater opportunity to find work. It increases the competition in the market that leads to an increase in the demand for products. More and more businesses will enter the market to meet the supply. However, the best economy factor for a country is development. The real estate businesses could make significant development in areas inside or away from the city to add value.




Real estate business has been there since the advent of mankind. It works as a pillar to balance the economy of a given region by providing an ample number of opportunities to invest on jobs. It helps to recreate society. These businesses are always in search of new prospects to make more out from a given piece of land. They help a region to grow and develop rapidly. It will also provide a better living condition to the society by building new markets, hospitals, schools and what not.  What can be better than opting all these facilities when they are under your hand?