The low profile residence on top of Thomson Pinnacle

The low profile residence on top of Thomson Pinnacle

Lo and behold, who would have possibly noticed this? Although many awesome residential developments are springing up in Singapore, almost none of the people I spoke to realised the existence of this beauty. Peak Residence is clearly ahead of others in terms of its location, beauty, amenities and other factors that make it liveable and comfortable.

This absolutely non eye-catching development is certainly a mystery for many, built on an elevated land, a gradual slope leading you to the pinnacle of Thomson, sitting right next or rather behind to one of the most reputable hospital, Thomson Medical. The development adds to the beauty of Novena, the main prime neighbourhood where it is located.

Developed and build by?

With the design of Peak Residence executed by experienced and skilled professionals of AGA Architects, the uniqueness and aesthetic of this newly developed home are never in doubt. Tuan Sing Holdings Limited and Rich Capital Holdings Limited developed this residence jointly as a wonderful addition to the existing households in the Thomson enclave.

Available for both foreigners and Singaporeans, this new residence offers a freehold tenure. Without an iota of doubt, it is going to be one of the best residential property along Thomson Road.

How big is that?

Stretching across a landmass of approximately 57,400 square feet, Peak Residence boasts of having 90 apartments that are built with some world-class facilities. Basically, these apartments will be constructed under three different blocks of low-rise edifices with mirroring layouts. Surrounded by a beautiful greenery landscaping that exudes the beauty of nature close to the residents, each building has 5 storeys and provides an impeccable view of the stunning neighbourhood.

Whether you’re residing on the first or fifth floor of the development, you’ll have access to a basement car park that is properly maintained and monitored. Also, everyone shares the communal swimming pool, grilling pavilion, gym, clubhouse and other facilities that will make living in the development worthwhile.

Where is it?

Being located in the heart of Singapore where some of the wealthiest individuals live, it does not come as a surprise that the neighbourhood is safe and sound. It sits just behind a private health facility known as Thomson Medical Centre and it provides specialist consultation services, health screenings and a 24-hour clinic.

Central Region of Singapore covers the entire surrounding of Peak Residence, the main commercial activities are not far away from this new development. It is also developed near upcoming Health City Novena, a masterplan of the biggest healthcare centre in Singapore.

Novena Square Velocity, Square 2, United Square and other malls in Novena Central are also within walking distance to this beautiful residence. For the more nostalgic experience, residents can walk over to Balestier arena nearby to check out their amazing and historical buildings. On top of visiting the old-world charm eateries, Whampoa hawker centre and the many food stalls along Balestier road at any time of the day

Not Driving?

If you’re not driving, our world-class public transport network within Novena allows you to be worry-free from moving around. With a 10-minutes walk, you can simply access the underground Novena MRT Station or just take advantage of the seamless network of bus services in the neighbourhood.

This could be the perfect abode for anyone who wishes to retire in style. You may soon begin enquiring to make this picture-perfect and well-equipped residential development your home from the Official Site of Peak Residence.

the m condo

What makes The M condo the perfect real estate investment in the coming new year?

If you are looking for the best five-star condo in the city of Crazy Rich Asians in Singapore, you are looking no further than The M condo at Bugis.

The M condo is not only an amazing investment, it is securing a contract with the future.

Here are some of the justifications that shaped The M condo being a perfect real estate investment:

The location

The M condo is located along the Middle Road of Singapore, one of the best prime location for any real estate in the entire wealthy state. The Middle Road precinct is famously known for having some of the finest top hotels, rich arts and heritage structures, civic districts centre and home to museums, monuments and a lot more.

The locale of this exciting new condo is perfect for anyone, no matter what their sophisticated palates are. I mean, sure! There are certainly people with some weird “unique” tastes that wouldn’t invest in The M, but overall, this development should be among the most perfect and ideal choice for serious real estate investments.

The urban area is transforming

The Middle Road is an ultra-urban area but not without some fresh air, although the vast greenery is some distance away, bugis district is expected to transform into a much more civilized and amazing environment soon enough.

What does this translate for investors? There will be more demand of high-quality residential developments in the area. As a savvy investor, demand should be your most natural ally, and it should be getting you some amazing returns for your every dollar, no matter how you look at it.

Marvellous architectural

It is no surprise for anything that is marvellous in the present, eventually becomes an antique piece for the future, selling for many times the price of that original price paid. We are not saying The M condo is a marvellous product, but you can see for yourself that the architecture, and the beauty work done in the building is just awfully amazing.

Even though the project is under construction, the framework of the building itself is impeccable, and Wing Tai Holdings Limited will see to it that it will be built to last for many good years.

Bugis MRT Station

The Bugis MRT station that the M Condo is built in proximity, is essentially a nicer way to find trains and some buses nearby, which ultimately connects you to the entire city in a jiff.

Oh! The underground train station also doubles up as a retail Xchange for public’s entertainment usage, on top of your own in-house commercial shop space within your development’s boundary. So that you can meet your friends and loved ones, without having to go to some expensive places.

Potential to become an iconic landmark

Landmark investments – they win hands down, an amazing investment no matter how you look at it. Any asset that transforms into a landmark, will be highly sought after by investors. Home hunters are more than willing to pay a premium for these landmarks, while savvy investors will be looking into making all sorts of return on investments (ROI) out from this, because that positive returns would literally be made without much effort just by grabbing a premium private asset like this.

Official Site

If you are looking to invest on some real estate in the coming 2020 new year, in a new transforming Bugis area, prime district 7, the upcoming new project by Wing Tai Holdings is the one that you should not miss! Look out and register your interest now at The M Condo Official Site

real estate singapore crowns with haus on handy

The Real Estate Market Empire: Singapore Crowns with Haus on Handy

Prep yourself with the Real estate knowledge: It is meant for the professionals in buying, selling and renting any property consisting of landbanks or building structures along with its resources such as fittings and fixtures. The basic legal framework of the real estate business was originated from the great England and soon after, it spreads around the whole world.

Real estate consolidation is an emerging business for many developing countries. The best part of this is that it helps our overall economic environment grow in tandem across the globe. The real estate developers tend to develop areas where their respective government has not enough resources to develop. Based on this, the chain of real estate related businesses provides jobs and opportunities to many businessmen to expand in various markets such as Singapore. We have however listed down 5 characteristics that define or determine the future in moving forward.


1.         Sales and marketing


Private property will always be considered as a prized asset. There is an emerging trend of purchasing and developing of smart properties. To do so, there are some big firms jumping into the market by adding more value to the properties. Governments are leasing properties to the business owners in order to develop them and make more money out of it. There is a piece of land along the Handy road that was sold to City Developments Limited in Singapore recently and the project was named Haus on Handy by CDL.


2.         Development


The real estate conglomerate will develop the area where they penetrate. They tend to improve the living lifestyles drastically by developing in the prime area to add more value. Since the competition in the market is running high, companies are extending their services such as adding more and more alternative road paths, making new route options to ease the possible congestion for residents. This will eventually lighten the burden on the government’s ability to develop the public amenities. URA sold the land in Jan 2018 to City Developments Limited so that they can assist to develop the neighborhood. It was named in such a way that it means there will be some new housing along the Handy road with haus on handy.


3.         Lease


More businesses are jumping into the local market to fetch more and more profits. Due to heavy competition in the market, they have to add practical values to attract savvy customers. Many businesses are offering buyers to purchase properties on lease. This gives an opportunity for builders to build more assets. It helps in decreasing the number of homeless people in the society making the public more stable and harmonious. Haus on Handy currently offers an almost 99 years lease to the new owners.


4.         New prospects


The real estate markets are always in search of new prospects. They are always looking for new parcels of land to develop. To clear stock, they will market to attract overseas customers around the region and to do so, they have to acquire more land in sub-urban areas that lead to the development of the city. According to some rough estimates, Singapore is currently known for their real estate business, the second most pricey housing market in the world.


5.         Economy


The real estate businesses boost the economy by introducing more developments. People get an opportunity to invest more and more citizens will have greater opportunity to find work. It increases the competition in the market that leads to an increase in the demand for products. More and more businesses will enter the market to meet the supply. However, the best economy factor for a country is development. The real estate businesses could make significant development in areas inside or away from the city to add value.




Real estate business has been there since the advent of mankind. It works as a pillar to balance the economy of a given region by providing an ample number of opportunities to invest on jobs. It helps to recreate society. These businesses are always in search of new prospects to make more out from a given piece of land. They help a region to grow and develop rapidly. It will also provide a better living condition to the society by building new markets, hospitals, schools and what not.  What can be better than opting all these facilities when they are under your hand?

riviere_sneak peek

Riviere, the condo which will enhance the quality of your life

Of all that matters in life, the importance of one’s place of residence cannot be overemphasized. Your neighborhood goes a long way in describing your values, standards, taste and sometimes your occupation. Shelter forms one of the three basic primary needs, hence it should be well catered for. It isn’t enough to get an apartment but getting it in a serene and wonderful environment.

The Riviere condo is an exclusive mixed-use environment that avails you with residential and accommodative neighborhood and a well fiting commercial component. It has about 455 residential homes, 1 to 4-bedroom layout distribution, two 36 storey towers and an approximate value of 145,117 sq ft site area. It is renowned for its judicious location on the heart of Robertson Quay precinct, settled and covered within the Jiak Kim street corner, and exceptionally positioned in such a way that make residents enjoy the appealing view of the Singapore river.

When it comes to real estate, the Riviere is greatly exceptional. Talking of perfection in residential environments, the Riviere gives an exemplary explanation. It is uniquely flanked by both Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel and the great Mirage Tower, advantageously situated away from the Kim Seng and Havelock Road saving residents from the weight of traffic and unwholesome noise pollution.

With an unrestricted access to the river promenade, the condo numbers as part of an exquisite group of riverfront developments and maximum relaxation outlets. Beneficiaries of the Riviere condo environment will be at a plus through the enjoyment that comes as a result of the heart-warming facilities and ease due to its proximity to Robertson Quay, Clarke Quay, Mohamed Sultan, Great world city and the neighboring Tiong Bahru estate. The condo’s greatest boast is its strategic location which grants residents a total ease and complete access to basic amenities and daily needs such as:

  • Excellent Connectivity: It maintains an excellent connectivity to prominent places like the East Coast Parkway, Marina South station, Shenton Way station etc. through effective road links ushered by the Orchard road and expressways.


  • Proximity to flawless academic facilities: One of the major worries/bothers of parents and guardian while relocating is whether or not the new location will have deleterious effects on their ward’s academics. And how much it can enhance the children’s productivity level and intellect. Never to worry, the Condo is well encompassed with quality educational institutions. A little stroll from the condo leads you to Standard schools like River Valley Primary School, St. Margret Primary School and Outram secondary school among many others for basic preliminary education and furtherance. Also, within the neighborhood of The Riviere are wonderful tertiary institutions like University of Chicago Board School, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts etc. It doesn’t draw back in your educational needs.


  • Exclusive Shopping Malls: Because needs will arise every day and there are so many things that needs constant replacement, timely acquisition etc. The Riviere condo, in tandem with its strategic location is surrounded by many top-notch shopping centers which makes it easy for you to get your continuous needs like fashion accessories, cosmetics, edibles, home appliances etc. Every of this lies at your fingertips with nice shopping closets like the great world city mall, UE square mall, Plaza Singapura among many others. You would never see it as a herculean task to stock and restock needed products.


  • Parks: In your free and leisure time, you might be craving for some perfect and warm relaxation. Apart from the magnificent and fascinating design of The Riviere which makes it possible to have an interesting view across the city, there are numerous parks and relaxation garden in the vicinity. A perfect example is the Fort canning park which maintains a distance coverable in about 10 minutes’ walk.

When you talk about all round flawlessness in residence, you are pointing directly to The Riviere condo. Avail yourself with quality, and give yourself the life you deserve so much.