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EGAPP Working Group Meeting, June 5-6, 2006


Sheraton Hotel - Atlanta, GA



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Sub-Committee Meetings
Individual meetings of the Methods, Topics and Products Subcommittees (SC) were held from 8:30 – 9:30 am, allowing the subcommittee chairs and members to finalize recommendations and presentations for the full EGAPP Working Group (WG).

The EGAPP WG meeting was convened by Al Berg, Chair.  Working Group members participating were Katrina Armstrong, Ned Calonge, James Haddow, Maxine Hayes, Celia Kaye, Kathryn Phillips, Margaret Piper, Sue Richards, Ora Strickland, and SteveTeutsch.


Consultants present were Siobhan Dolan, Judith Johnson, and Glenn Palomaki.  Dr. Berg reported that he and Linda Bradley had reviewed the conflict of interest forms that the WG members submitted in May, 2006.  Two potential conflicts of interest were identified and discussed.  All were noted in the record; none were considered to require action.

Opening Remarks and Introductions
Dr. Berg called the meeting to order at 9:30 am, and thanked everyone for their participation.  He announced that two subcommittees would be rotating chairpersons.  The Methods SC will now be chaired by Dr. Steve Teutsch and a new chair will be selected for the Topics SC.  He thanked Dr. Ned Calonge, Dr. Jeffrey Botkin, and Dr. Kathryn Phillips for their service as chairs of the Methods, Outcomes and Topics SCs.  The Outcomes SC has completed its work, and the newly formed Products SC will continue to be chaired by Dr. Celia Kaye. 


Dr. Berg outlined the meeting objectives:


Ovarian Cancer Draft Report
Dr. Berg provided an overview (including the analytic framework, key questions, search outlines, results and conclusions) of the draft evidence report on Genomic Testing for Detection and Management of Ovarian Cancer submitted by the EPC.  Dr. Armstrong described the proposed modeling approach, which includes clinical decision making and identifying strategies that might result in reduction of mortality.  The Evidence-based Practice Center (EPC) representative presented the results for each key question in the draft evidence report.  Following the presentation, the EPC representative answered questions from the WG.

Cytochrome P450 Draft Report
The EPC representative presented results for each key question in the draft evidence report on Testing for Cytochrome P450 Polymorphisms in Adults with Non-Psychotic Depression Treated with Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) and answered questions from the WG.  

Commentary and Working Group Responses to Draft Evidence Reports
Dr. Berg outlined the feedback from a May 25 conference call of staff and WG members of the Technical Expert Panel (TEP) about the Ovarian Cancer draft evidence report, and then led the full WG discussion.  Written comments have already been forwarded to the EPC; any further comments from this discussion will be collated and submitted after the meeting.


Dr. Piper outlined the feedback from a May 19 conference call of staff and WG members of the TEP about the CYP450 draft evidence report, and then led the full WG discussion.  Written comments have already been forwarded to the EPC; any further comments from this discussion will be forwarded after the meeting.

Staff Updates
Dr. Bradley provided an update on project activities:


Topics Subcommittee Report
Dr. Phillips presented a report of Topics SC activities and the morning subcommittee meeting.  Their recent work has focused on the reviewing potential topics, reassessing criteria for selecting topics, and recommending high priority topics for consideration by the full WG.  Considerations for topic selection include weighting by criteria and thinking about portfolio balance from the contextual and substantive points of view (e.g., somatic vs. inherited, disorder categories, established vs. emerging tests, type of test, testing the evidence review methodology). 


With some concern about beginning new reviews without having completed one or more of the ongoing reviews, the WG conducted a comprehensive discussion of proposed topics.  Straw polls were conducted to identify a short list of top-ranked topics; seven topics received sufficient votes to qualify for further discussion. 

Final recommendation:  1) Genomic profiling for cardiovascular disease to identify management or prevention strategies; 2) Gene expression profiling for managing breast cancer treatment

Products Subcommittee Report
Dr. Kaye presented an update and recommendations from the Products SC on authorship and development of recommendation formats.



Dr. Bradley presented updates: 


Methods Subcommittee Report
Dr. Teutsch presented an update from the Methods SC that included: 1) Overview of a proposed “Question Set Template” for different categories of tests (e.g., diagnostic, predictive); 2) standardized language for recommendation categories; 3) clinical decision-making for recommendations; and 4) plans for an EGAPP Procedure Manual.


Update on UGT1A1 and HNPCC Reviews
Dr. Bradley reported that the UGT1A1 review is progressing, with delivery of data tables and some summary information in mid-August 2006.  CDC staff and consultants plan a draft report for the September 2006 meeting.


Dr. Bradley reported the full-text literature review is completed for the HNPCC review.  A TEP call is planned for late-June or early-July 2006.  A draft report is expected by September 2006.

Recommendation Titles and Structuring Recommendations


Action Items for the next meeting:


Dr. Berg thanked everyone for their participation and attendance.  The meeting was adjourned at 12:00 PM.


The next EGAPP Working Group Meeting is scheduled for
Monday & Tuesday, September 25 - 26, 2006 in Atlanta, GA.

Future meetings are scheduled for:
Monday & Tuesday, January 29 - 30, 2007
Monday & Tuesday, April 30 – May 1, 2007


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