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EGAPP Working Group Meeting, January 24-25, 2005


Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel - Atlanta, GA



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 Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Linda Bradley, PhD
Office of Genomics and Disease Prevention, CDC


Peter A. Briss, MD, MPH
Chief, Community Guide Branch
Division of Prevention Research & Analytic Methods
Epidemiology Program Office, CDC


Ralph Coates, PhD
Associate Director for Science
Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, CDC


Muin J. Khoury, MD, PhD
Office of Genomics and Disease Prevention, CDC


Nedra Whitehead, PhD, MS
Genetic Epidemiologist
Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring Systems, CDC


 RTI International


Kathleen N. Lohr, PhD
Health Policy Analyst
RTI International


Linda Lux, PhD
Health Policy Analyst
RTI International


Meera Viswanathan, PhD
Health Policy Analyst
RTI International


Diane Wagener, PhD
Genetic Epidemiologist
RTI International




Robert L.Becker, MD, PhD
Director, Division of Immunology and Hematology Devices, FDA


Alfred O. Berg, MD, MPH
Chair, Dept. of Family Medicine
University of Washington


Igeborg Blancquaert, MD, PhD
Agence d'Évaluation des Technologies et des Modes d'Intervention en Santé (AETMIS)
Montréal, Québec


Wylie Burke, MD, PhD
Professor and Chair
Department of Medical History and Ethics
University of Washington


James E. Haddow, M.D.
Women and Infants Hospital
Brown University


Julian Higgins, PhD
Senior Epidemiologist
Cambridge Genetics Knowledge Park, UK


Fiona Miller, PhD
Assistant Professor, Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Career Scientist, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care
Member, Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis
McMaster University , Ontario , Canada


Glenn Palomaki, BS, BA
Director, Biometry/Epidemiology
Foundation for Blood Research


Margaret Piper, PhD, MPH
Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Technology Evaluation Center


Gurvaneet Randhawa, MD, MPH
Center for Outcomes and Evidence (COE)
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


Carolyn Sue Richards, PhD, FACMG
Director - DNA Diagnostic Laboratory
Department of Molecular and Medical Genetics
Oregon Health & Science University


James A. Rollins, MD
Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services
Department of Health and Human Services


Patrice Sarrazin, PhD
Senior Scientific Evaluator
Health Canada
Ottawa, Ontario , Canada


Steve Teutsch, MD, PhD
Executive Director of Outcomes Research and Management
Merck & Co., Inc.


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